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Kelitek Has Gone Nuts! Well, Coconuts!

Kelitek has changed its name and image. We are proud to present our new name, Coconut Consulting. You might say that we have gone nuts with discarding the old name, but we firmly believe that the future is in cloud computing and we want to show our commitment to the new ways of making business by changing everything, including our name! Our commitment to deliver the best and most reliable services to our customers is unchanged and, in fact, we feel reinvigorated.

So why choose Coconut Consulting?

Our team feels that we share many of the same characteristics as the coconut. Now you're sure we've gone nuts, right? Well, think about it for a moment. Let's take a look and see how many qualities we share with a coconut.

  1. The coconut is extremely versatile. It can accomplish many different tasks, whether it be to provide a thirst-quenching drink, add flavour to a baked cake or simply eaten raw, just how it naturally comes.

  2. Its easily distinguished from any other tropical fruit, well basically any fruit for that matter. After all, you could hardly mistake a coconut for any other exotic fruit out there. There is nothing quite like it. While it may have some similar properties to other fruits, there is nothing as unique and strong as a coconut.

  3. There are so many uses for a coconut. It would be a rather long list if we started naming all of its purposes, but take our word; a coconut can do just about anything. It can even be used as a tool and an implement for practical purposes.

  4. Coconuts are the key ingredient in many products and recipes, but they always play nice with other ingredients. They work together, as partners, in creating a high-quality end product.

  5. And well, sometimes coconuts are just plain old nutty.

Aren't those all of the best qualities you would want to find in your business partner?

We offer software solutions that are extremely versatile. We like to think we are a bit different from all the other businesses out there. Our services can be easily integrated into any team's need. Dealing with us is hopefully just as relaxing as sipping that coconut flavoured drink on your porch while that cool breeze from the sea ruffles your hair. And we like to make our clients look great, too. Just like they say, a daily dose of coconut will make you feel good and healthy for a sustained life.

What does this little coconut have to offer then?

Our new services portfolio includes the implementation, integration and training of cloud software with a special focus on Xero and its vast amount of integrated add-ons. Yes, Xero is beautiful accounting software and it is very intuitive, but with a bit of your help together we can we implement affordable solutions into key parts of your supply chain. Whether it is managing your warehouse records, your inventory or those orders, include point-of-sale or expand you use of eCommerce. Our team will be glad to help you every step of the way and make your business operation run smoother than ever. The process will be just like oiling your business machine with a bit of coconut oil. OK, we've gone too far with the metaphors here, but you get the picture, right?

As we move our consultancy towards a bright future, we keep our goals and those of our partnerships as a top priority. After all, we wouldn't be doing this if we didn't love it so much. So whether you are an accountant, bookkeeper, manufacturer, wholesaler, retailer or other small business we want to help you become successful and stay that way. One of our best qualities is the ability to take away the hassle for you and your business by streamlining your processes. Noise and frustration dissipates and your focus turns to running a more profitable business. Leave the hard stuff to us; that's what we like.

So, without further ado, let's get down to business and let's crack some coconuts together. There is no coconut shell that Coconut Consulting would find too hard to crack!

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