Running a busy cafe or restaurant? Do you need a fast and easy way to process sales? Need to allocate table numbers or split the bill?

Make it easy for your sales staff to seat customers, add food and drink to their table and any special notes about their order. Print order dockets to send directly to the kitchen or bar printers.


Kitchen Staff
From order to table

Send the right dockets to the right printer and get orders out to the correct table every time. Add or remove extras and add custom order notes.

Staff Rostering

Use optional add-ons for staff to clock in and out, submit timesheets, and send mobile rosters out to staff.

Roles & Permissions

Set different permissions for different users such as managers, bar staff and cashiers.

Easy settlement

Does the bill need to be split two or more ways? When it's time to pay, easily split covers and items. Pay using different methods.


Thinking of implementing a point-of-sale and/or inventory system in your cafe or restaurant?
Do you need some assistance with software setup and hardware, or staff training?

Please get in touch with us to find out how we can assist you.