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Do you have components and kits to put together made up of different parts? Are your finished goods tracked by serial or batch number? Purchasing goods from overseas and wanting to accurately track landed costs and assembly costs?

Make it easy for your staff to trace items from start to finish and assemble multiples of the same item at once. Set up Bill of Materials for kits, packages and sub-assemblies. Add labour or overhead costs to track the true value of your finished goods.


Assembly Checklist

Print a list of components to be picked and assembled together. Never forget an important part of your product or bundle.

Warehouse Shelves
Locations and Bins

Set up bays, picking zones and sub locations in your warehouse so your team can find items easily and efficiently.

Full Traceability

Track batch numbers or serial numbers in the event of a recall. Accurately track product manufacturing costs.

Warehouse Workers
Smart reordering

Use low stock reorder points to ensure there are enough components to meet manufacturing demand.


Thinking of implementing an inventory and/or warehousing system in your industrial manufacturing business?
Do you need some assistance with software setup and hardware, or staff training?

Please get in touch with us to find out how we can assist you.

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