Do you distribute agricultural goods to growers and farmers? Are your finished goods tracked by batch number or expiry date? Do you have silos with constantly changing contents? Want to capitalise labour and production costs into your goods?

Make it easy for your staff to trace items from start to finish and record detailed information for inbound stock. Easily create pick lists for your warehouse team and create delivery manifests for local drivers and freight companies.


Production Checklist

Complete product treatment processes such as cleaning or grading to show a change in the product state. Track bulk stock separately to bagged stock.

Warehouse Picking

Set up bays, picking zones and sub locations in your warehouse so your team can find the right product easily and efficiently.

Full Traceability

Track batch numbers or expiry dates in the event of a recall. Know the history of a particular manufacturing run right from grower to customer.


Allow your customers to plan ahead and order products several months in advance with backorder and pre-order functionality.


Thinking of implementing an inventory and/or warehousing system in your primary production or agricultural distribution business?
Do you need some assistance with software setup and hardware, or staff training?

Please get in touch with us to find out how we can assist you.