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All I want for Christmas is an "easy" Integrated Retail System

You don’t have to feel rushed during Christmas. Any small business that wants to maximize efficiency during the busiest shopping season of the year should transition its system with the right cloud integrated software system for managing sales this peak period. The best package deals for your retail business can be had using the dream team of Vend, Shopify and Xero. These systems will do all the work in ensuring your sales, inventory and financial data is integrated and in sync, leaving your free to focus on monitoring inventory levels and your brand awareness.

Click Easy and Simple

With Shopify you can create, host and manage the online presence of your business; and you don’t have to be an IT genius to keep it maintained. Choose from over 100 professional themes for your store and customise to make your dream business a reality. With just the click of an icon, you can complete single or multiple orders. You can choose any number of different delivery options, confirm this with your customers and provide them with tracking numbers and delivery notifications even while you take one more sip of that coconut flavoured pina colada.

Point of Sale at its Best

When you choose Vend for your small business, you are employing one of the best customer loyalty and point of sales tools on the market. Their software is developed to match whatever other POS system you may be using to manage your business and is compatible with Mac, iPad or PC. Using Vend will put you ahead of your competitors in getting to know your most frequent customers and reward them with Loyalty. Managing inventory in a single store or multiple stores will not feel like more or less work. You can easily track the performance of your staff and sales from just about anywhere and anytime. This will definitely come in handy when your sales double or triple during the holidays.

Not Just Accounting Software

Xero is the go to accounting software for a successful small business experience this Christmas. Xero guarantees that there will be zero percent hassles to manage your cash flow. You can literally track your money as it flows in and out. Reconciling bank transactions is automatic. Connecting with customers to create and send invoices and receive payments has never been easier. The Xero system facilitates a seamless system for you to pay your staff, your bills and even prepare for your taxes. You will be more capable of meeting the demands of international sales with its automatic calculations in multiple currencies.

It’s All in the Clouds

Small business operators make a lot of sacrifices to grow their business. A lot of time, energy and money go into making it work. Cloud computing is the answer to your prayers as it saves both money and time. Xero, Vend and Shopify are fully integrated with cloud storage systems because the developers are fully aware that small business owners need to be able to access their email, database and applications from anywhere and anytime. The surges in energy from a busy Christmas season shouldn’t cause you to worry about server crashes or your system malfunctioning. In the clouds your business data will always be secure.

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