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How to Get The Most Value From Your Support Request

At Coconut Consulting, we aim to assist our support customers as efficiently as possible, and aim to put you back on the right path so you’re able to continue doing what you do best.

We receive a number of support requests daily – here’s four simple steps you can follow to ensure your request is processed efficiently and we can assist you as swiftly as possible:

1. Remain calm 2. Summarise what you were trying to do 3. Outline steps you have taken 4. Provide examples or screenshots

1. Remain calm.

Please don’t use all capital letters in your email or support requests. We know you’re frustrated, but it will not get your request resolved any faster.

Requests are processed in order of severity – if a business is unable to operate or trade, those requests will be attended to first. We operate in a similar way to a hospital emergency room, with a triage system in place.

Before raising a support request, consider the following:

  • If you’ve got a how-to question – consider looking at the support documentation provided by the software vendor, or lodging a support request directly with the vendor.

  • Ask around within your organization to see if the issue is unique to you, or if the issue is occurring for anyone else.

  • Log out and log back into the application, or quit and restart the application to see if the issue persists.

  • For cloud based applications, consider clearing the browser cache. Instructions for clearing the cache on Google Chrome can be found here:

If the issue persists, then start writing the ticket.

2. Summarise what you were trying to do.

The importance of a concise, relevant and detailed description is vital for our support team to efficiently manage your request. Let us know the following:

Which system or application were you using? eg. DEAR Inventory, Xero, Vend, Shippit, Cin7, Shopify, WooCommerce

Which part of the software were you in when the issue or error message came up? eg. I was in the Sales menu, I was on the Stock Transfers screen.

What were you trying to do? eg. I was trying to allocate stock to an order, but the system would not allow me to.

Rather than “I can't process a sale” or “The system is not working”, consider the following:

  • Unable to ship orders #123, #124 and #125 in DEAR

  • Need to process exchange item X for item Y in the POS

  • Received error message "Order #123 cannot be synced with Xero"

  • Cannot pick item SKU CC-123 on order #876

  • Can’t publish product “Coconut Water 6-pack” from Vend to my Shopify store

3. Outline steps you have taken prior to getting an error.

Which buttons have you clicked on? eg. I clicked on the “Import Products” button in Vend, but nothing happened. eg. I pressed the “Save” button but received an error message.

What file did you try to upload? ​eg. I tried to upload a CSV file to update my customer information, but the system wouldn’t let me import it.

When did the error occur? eg. I saw the error message appear after I tried to navigate to the third page of orders.

4. Provide examples or screenshots. Providing examples helps us pinpoint exactly where the issue is occurring and can assist with getting your issue resolved more efficiently. Good examples include:

  • Order numbers, invoice numbers, or customer references if issues are isolated to particular transactions

  • Screenshots or exact text of error messages

  • Screenshots showing where you were in the system when the error occurred

  • Examples of files that were uploaded (eg. CSV files)

  • Try to replicate the issue. If the issue can be reproduced, provide instructions on how to recreate the problem in your ticket.

A useful, free tool we like is Loom ( which allows the recording of short videos. This will allow you to record your scenario from start to finish, and optionally talk us through the issue so we are able to see it occur.

Supplying additional information assists us with diagnosing and troubleshooting the issue, and assigning it to the right consultant. As an experienced cloud integrator, we'd like to assist you with those challenging issues that you may have not seen before. We can assist with lodging support tickets with the software vendor if a more technical description of the issue is needed.

Do you need ongoing technical support services with your cloud software? We have a range of different cloud software support plans available. To enquire about our cloud support plans, please book a free 15 minute phone consultation with us here.

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