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Reboot This Summer

Coconut Consulting Season Greetings 2017

The festive season is upon us, and 2017 will soon be drawing to a close.

It's been a "cracker" year! We have been so proud of our customers deploying great software solutions with us.

Our software partners have delivered some awesome new features this year, with much more to come. We have been fortunate in attracting the coolest customers in 2017, who have beautiful brands and product ranges we adore. Popular industries this year have included food & beverage, homewares, textiles, sporting goods, automotive spare parts, fashion, furniture and even primary production, just to name a few.

We have certainly have enjoyed working with you, and really appreciate the trust you placed in us. Often, it’s been crazy with a lot to learn, but we hope that working with us was a positive experience – possibly even fun!!!

Ongoing Support

We look forward to working with you in 2018, and now that we have support plans in place, we want to build our knowledge-base for you to access.

Our solutions will focus on the overall omni-channel experience. Our projects and support will continue to work hard for retail, wholesale and light manufacturing, by expanding our library of customised templates & reporting, notifications, shipping integrations, electronic data interchange (EDI), 3PL and marketplace integration.

2018 will be a big year for us too. We will be appointing more permanent, full time staff to our project & support consulting roles. Also expect more communications, training offerings and stronger working relationships with more external accountants and bookkeepers (if applicable).

Unless you are deploying with us on 2nd January 2018, for now, we certainly hope that you get the chance to relax, perhaps even enjoy a Pina Colada, under the palm trees this Christmas and New Year break.

Our office will be closed from end of business Friday 22nd December 2017 and reopen on Tuesday 2nd January 2018. Limited support will be available during that time, with urgent SMS messages checked daily.

Merry Christmas! Stay safe this holiday season and see you in 2018.

Greg, Christine, Gavan, Rowena and the Coconut Team

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